& some other videos!

2016 Acting Reel

Edited by Cass Vogel

Clips directed by Gracie Markland and Jared Oliff-Lieberman

And thanks Emily Dunbar and Joe Angelini 


check out these other cool clips of me: 

"Ferrero Rocher" 

This is short I created and edited, starring myself and my friend, Colin Murphy. I was able to produce this thanks to the help of Stonestreet Studios!


"Bloom Cycle: Truer Romance" at the Bad Theatre Fest- 2016

This is a purposefully bad and intentionally hilarious play written by Jacob Dysart & Will BanksIt premiered at the Bad Theatre Fest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in November of 2016. We poke fun at millennials. I deeply apologize for wearing a red shirt in front of a red curtain. 

Dangerbox Improv at the Skidmore National Comedy Festival- 2015

This is NYU's premier improv troupe, Dangerbox, appearing at Skidmore ComFest in February of 2015. We start our set at 34:45